Behind The Scenes with the Boston Celtics and Famous Group

This year we knew the visuals had to be on par with the caliber of talent and excitement that they are bringing to Celtics fans. Not only did we want something forward-thinking and high tech, we wanted it to feel like their higher level of play was interwoven with that futuristic feel. Using the aerial acrobatic capabilities of drones was something we had never seen before in a game day open and the Celtics were on board with us from the get-go. Collaborating with the team at Strato Aerial and our director of photography Connor O'Brien, we came up with some truly innovative lighting solutions including a custom array of green LEDs for the smaller drones and a giant, remote controlled spotlight shining from their "heavy lifter" drone. We were able to not only use the drones in their traditional role of flying cameras, but also as seemingly sentient characters, interacting with the players.


Title : Boston Rising Client: Boston Celtics VP of Live Events : Sean Sullivan Senior Event Producer: Steve Gadsden Director of Game Presentation: Jake Wendling Production Company: The Famous Group, LA/NY Executive Creative Director: Greg Harvey Executive Producer: Andrew Isaacson Managing Director: David Kwan Director: Lauren Fisher Co-Director: Steve Davis Director of Photography : Connor O’Brien Supervising Producer: Asheley Hu Producers: Grant Aronson, Rod Thomas Post Producer: Misty Gentle Editor: Steve Davis Social Media Coordinator : Jessica Whitney


DRONE CREW : Strato Aerial Camera Operators: Andrew Garrett, Dan Coplan, Ryan Chan Drone Pilots: Colin Burgess, Corey Gineris, Aaron Cohan Drone Coordinator : Jonathan Park

51 Miles in 51 Minutes: A trip down the LA River

51 Miles in 51 Minutes:  A trip down the LA River

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