Drones and Desert Dust Devils!

Had some fun flying the new Panasonic EVA1 Camera in the Mojave desert. 

The DJI M600 did remarkably well in the desert dust devils. With winds gusting to 30MPH, having the super lightweight EVA1 as a payload helped out tremendously! Looking forward to flying this camera a lot more in the future. 

Here's a BTS clip of the M600 taking off in a giant gust!

Here is the final product, Near to Superstition by Director/DP Elle Schneider



The Parrot Mambo: If Bart Simpson made a drone.

With it's one-eyed design and whimsical colors, the Parrot Bebop is absolutely adorable

Trolls rejoice!  
The truly innovative and unique French droning company Parrot has done it again. 
With a penchant for the visually interesting and stunningly cute (such as the Bebop on the left), Parrot intends to maintain their sense of whimsy with the newest addition to the Parrot family: The Mambo.  This drone will offer all of the reliability of any other Parrot quadcopter, however, this one comes with some super cool (and totally troll-tastic) attachments:  A pellet gun, and a grabbing claw.  This is the first time that Parrot has included attachments with it's drones, and let me tell you, we're so excited to fly it around the office and shoot each other...in a safe responsible fashion of course. Parrot is expected to launch this airborne squirrel spooker at some point this year.


Piloted by a smartphone and equipped with a claw and pellet gun, the Mambo looks like an absolute blast.

Piloted by a smartphone and equipped with a claw and pellet gun, the Mambo looks like an absolute blast.

Building Bertha

prototyping and retrofitting 

The parts for our new heavy lift drone are finally here! 

We've spent the last few weeks prototyping the main hub for our new custom-built X8 octocopter frame. The original center plates are not designed with enough space to accommodate our KDE Direct ESCs, so we had to form a slightly larger core to fit them in. The new plates design will also allow Anderson Powerpole connectors to be hard mounted to the plate, making connecting the motor wires a cinch.